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Photographing Families

I love being a family photographer; family is such an important part of my life. As you may know, I have five children, so it can get pretty chaotic at times! But, as I’ve found in all the years I’ve been doing it, some of the best family photographs are a moment of the chaos captured.

That’s my job, let me capture your chaos!

Take a look through the galleries on here to see a selection of images – it would be really lovely to be a family photographer for you. 


Man with his wife throwing his daughter in the air

Family Life

Family life is awesome. It really is the point of life, surrounding ourselves with the people we love and living. Daily life can often take over; all of the mundane stuff like making lunches, doing the school run, sorting the socks into pairs (hahaha, I jest, no-one has time for that nonesense).

Between all of those moments, you have some amazing times though. Going to the park, searching for Gruffalos in the woods, playing games, building dens, baking cakes, all of those things that your children will remember throughout their lives.

Natural Photography

Lots of natural photography

I’m also a really natural wedding photographer – if you’re planning a wedding then take a look here and get in touch!

A relaxed family photographer

Being relaxed helps

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I'd love to hear about your family, what you guys love to do, and how I can get some amazing shots of it.


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