About Me and My Family

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

You’re looking for some photos of your family, who better to do it than someone with five kids – mainly, because he wants to get out of the house. I joke I joke.

I’m not going to spend ages telling you all the clichés, just give you an insight into my crazy life.

Firstly, as I mentioned, I have five kids. Yes. Five. Want to know what it’s like having five kids? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby…

Having said that, they’re great, they each have their own personality, they always amaze me, they drive my wife and I up the wall – but they also make us laugh every single day.

The picture to the side is a good indication of our house; me being fed cake by one,  while the rest laugh. Since that photo was taken we had our fifth – he gets his own photo because he’s the favourite. The others don’t know how to get on this page, so it’s ok, I can say that.

My Support

The only reason I can do this is because of my amazing wife. She is also self employed, offering hair, make up and gel/acrylic nails, this means we can work around each other’s schedules, we understand what each other do and support each other. She definitely does more work for me than I do for her, she’s very good at editing, and probably the only person I would trust to edit like me, she’s also quick (sometimes too quick) to tell me when something isn’t quite right with an image, which is very valuable. I make her tea… She won’t let me near her makeup or nail brushes.

We are a unit, we have to be or it simply wouldn’t work. We hold each other up.


I love coffee. Yes please, I’ll have a coffee.

I love films. I love the cinematography, the subtle nuances and hidden meanings behind things. I also like when things blow up and fart jokes.

I’d love to say that I spend my free time going on walks, reading and playing table tennis. But, you know, I have five kids. So I spend any free time making drinks, cleaning up spilt drinks, tagging my wife in memes on Facebook and trying stay awake through the film we started at 11pm when we actually have some time.

So that’s pretty much me. I love my wife, I love my family, I love my job, I love coffee. I want to give you guys memories of your family which you’ll treasure forever.

If you’re looking for a natural photographer to capture everything about you and your family, and you have coffee, then get in touch.

See you there.