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Photographing Newborns

Giving birth is hard. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t know, but I have witnessed it three times and it really looked like it was hard. Well done ladies; if men gave birth there would be about six of us and birth control would be an app on your phone.

As hard as it is, it’s really worth it, because you get this amazing little person at the end of it. It’s a massive cliché, which I hate, but they really do change so quickly – every single day.

The bits that make them so cute, squishy cheeks, rolls of fat on their arms, tiny hair on their faces, all change and grow. How amazing would it be to keep the memories of these things forever?

That’s where I come in! I can document all of these things, preserving the details of those first few days and weeks for you to cherish.

Newborn Babies

Some interesting/scary facts about newborns:


  • Newborn babies have 94 more bones than adults, some of these fuse together as they grow.
  • Human infants are the only species which smile at their parents
  • Newborns go through 3360 nappies in the first year
  • Babies grow 1-1.5cm a month
  • Their stomachs are the size of a walnut
  • On average, they sleep 5400 hours in their first year, which is over 60% of the year!
  • In the first year they will deprive you of 44 days of sleep. It’s a good thing they’re so damn cute.

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An Alternative Newborn Photographer

I do things a little differently; firstly, I come to your home. “Oh my god Barney, you can’t come to my house it’s a massive mess”, I have five children, you don’t even know what mess is… Honestly though, it’s fine, I’ve seen it all, the first couple of weeks with a newborn (especially for first time parents) are hard. You do well to feed yourself and get a bit of sleep on top of everything baby related – if there’s muslins and baby clothes drying all over the place because he just won’t stop pooping it really is of no consequence.

The advantage of me coming to you are numerous. You don’t have to leave the house… that’s a big thing, it’s obviously really important to test out that new three in one baby travel system with integrated car seat, but only when you’re ready. And probably somewhere where you don’t have to be there at a specific time (how does this b*$#€¥d thing collapse again, Steve?).

If your baby has siblings, leaving the house is even more of an effort! Just stay at home, relax, be comfortable and enjoy the newborn smell. The good one, from the top of their little furry heads.

From my site, you’ll see that being authentic is the most important thing for me in capturing your family. So seeing you guys, in your own environment, interacting with your baby, and possibly other children, is as authentic as it gets.

I don’t really pose people; I might suggest sitting in a particular place because the light is great, or holding the baby slightly differently, but I don’t really want to interfere, I’ll just be around for an hour or so, taking natural pictures.

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